Novel cross-linking enzymes and their consumer acceptance for structure engineering

Contract number: QLK1-CT-2002-02208

The generic objective of the project is to develop novel enzymatic technologies for structure engineering of foods. The developed enzymatic tools can be exploited in dairy, meat and baking applications for production of novel types of products. The objective is also to assess consumer acceptance of the use of these differently produced enzymatic structure engineering tools in food processing.

The main expected results and achievements

  • Development of new enzyme-based cross-linking enzymes and different routes (GMO, non-GMO and plant) for their production
  • Elucidation of reaction mechanisms for cross-linking enzymes
  • Development of improved sensory properties to food by combining novel enzyme technologies to high level food processing science
  • Practical evaluation of the potential of new enzyme-based systems in process applications
  • Evaluation of consumers´ attitudes to the novel enzymatic technologies


Dr. Johanna Buchert, Coordinator

Dr. Kristiina Kruus, Project Manager


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Web coordinator

Ms. Paivi Vahala
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